PIUSI (106GAL/400LTR, 12V)

Product #: 11PUF00102010

Weight: 145


For universal and durable DEF transportation and storage, the Piusi Portable Tank (PPT) offers an effective solution to deliver DEF to on-road and off-road vehicles. The PPT ensures a safe and quick DEF transfer utilizing its SuzzaraBlue DC pump, shock resistant polyethylene construction, ventilation cap, and stainless steel accessories. The light-weight, lockable tanks are UV resistant and can be effortlessly loaded onto your delivery vehicle. Most importantly, the SuzzaraBlue is now secured and easily accessible. Technical Features: • 53 gallon or 106 gallon capacity • 12V DC SuzzaraBlue pump capable of 9 GPM • SB 325 auto-nozzle • 6.56 ft. cable with clamps • 19.6 ft. outflow hose • On/off switch • Built-in crane loops and pallet-jack base for easy loading and unloading • Hose interior Ø 3/4" 12V Specs: Flow Rate: 7 - 9 GPM RPM: 2800 Watts: 260 Voltage: 12V DC Max. Amperage: 22 Duty Cycle: 20 mins. Max. Pressure: 23.2 psi

Price: $2,241.61

Price: $2,241.61

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